PTM az01 ajustable auriculares estéreo Gaming Headset con micrófono esponja Cojines para teléfono móvil PC pc gamer

auricular estéreo inalámbrico bluetooth 4.1, auriculares de 30mm

Set De Auriculares Bluetooth De

For routine office work, supports music, noise cancelling. For iphone/samsung/xiaomi/huawei/oppo/lg/htc. Wired cartoon headband kids headphones. Actualización de auriculares. Auriculares niñosAuricular de juego para el teléfono. Teléfono auricular con micrófono. Para videojuegos,para el teléfono móvil,auriculares hi-fi,para ipod,panel pintado con aerosol. Bluetooth,ningunoPlay time: Nb3520a barra de sonido. Para el teléfono móvil,panel pintado con aerosol,para rutina de trabajo de oficina,micrófono,música de apoyo,cancelación de ruido,auriculares inalámbricos,portátil,bluetooth. Ip878. Gaming headphones: Superlux e205u. Modelo de bluedio: Zealot b20. Auriculares sony con cable. 160 hours. 

Bluetooth Remax Auriculares

For pc computer/mobile phone. Bomhcs gorros. Liedao. Tactical peltor. Call center earphons. It can not work with ps3,ps4,xbox one,unless you have adapterGaming headphones 7.1 led. 3.3~4.2v. White,black,yellow,orange. Auriculares sin hilos ledG4000 gaming headset. 50mm*2+20mm*6. Compatible 1: Wireless bluetooth headphones. Ah-826. Package size: 

Auriculares Bluetooth De Alta Fidelidad De Control Táctil

As shows. Camouflage. Control de volumen del auricular android. >8 hours. Hbq i7 estéreo bluetooth headset. Gamer ratón. Kx101. Auriculares auriculares con cable. Riester. Sleepping auriculares. Mic headphone: For routine office work, supports music, portable, bluetooth. 

De Conversación Auricular

1.6m 3.5mm aux wired headset. Kinganda. Panel pintado con aerosol,para el teléfono móvil,auriculares hi-fi,común de auriculares. Tf card. 400ma li-polymer. Number: Over ear headphones. Inalámbrica bluetooth 4.0. Tiyiviri. Micrófono,cancelación de ruido. Casque audio bluetooth handsfree hands free handfree wireless earbuds. Function 1: Mobile phones, computers. Blac&blue/black&red/black&green. Cancelación de ruido,micrófono,para videojuegos,común de auriculares,para el teléfono móvil,portátil,música de apoyo. 4icr19 66. Headphone for phone xiaomi iphone. De alta fidelidad del auricular. Meal types: 

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sg5150 Opened Entry Door

Maracossi Design / Edits by sg5150

Open Door 1: 458 poly, Open Door 2: 458 poly

I made these a long way back it seems. Tested working for me. Just let me know if they give you trouble and I will come kick them down. One stays open to the left and the other to the right. Security Screen Door not included. If I find it I will link it here.

Sims 4

MediaFire Download

SFS Download


  • Lod0: 11k Lod1: 7.5k Lod2: 4k Lod3: 2k
  • Teen to Elder Female, Hat Chops(they’re okay, but not the best) , Smooth bones, & all lods!
  • 18 Ea Colors thanks to Averia’s MM Action
  • (Optional) Tek Palette, 18 unnatural colors. Requires Ea version.
  • New mesh from scratch ♥

Download here!


🍪 BISCUIT HAIR 🍪 by @darkosims3 💜

Dress by @rusty-sims / Poses by @catsblob / Glasses, Earrings, Choker, Nails all by me



4 dead Nilfgaardian knights from the Witcher 3 converted  to Sims 4 misc decor objects

Download Link (zip file)

Converted from the Witcher 3, all credit to CD Projeckt Red.

Sims File Share, no adfly etc


This is a preview of hair recolors by apolunesims (now chimaerae) for convenience of our followers, so you don’t have to trudge through a text post full of links. Full credit to chimaerae for the recolors, and shespeakssimilish for the meshes. All recolors are both in defaults and extras.

Meshes – Recolors (required: V1, as the others are texture-referenced to it)



Summersun Barbecue | BG recolour

I was about to furnish my Cypress Hill Build when I realized that there were zero fun options for the big barbecues - I’m here to change that!

I recoloured the Basegame barbecue in @javabeandreams​ Summer palette so that your Sims can have their BBQ Parties in Style! 

  • 18 swatches 
  • BG compatible (duh)
  • Custom Thumbnail

Please don’t reupload! 

Credit: Mesh by EA / Palette by javabeandreams

Download (sfs, no adfly)

villainrats said: "Hi can you drop some cc tops which ACTUALLY cover up the stomach? I know a hoe never gets cold but my teenage sims gotta hide the scandal from their parents."



hahaha a hoe never gets cold #wordstoliveby 

here are someee you’re right they’re hard to find!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

:) ❤


[ Nightcrawler Sandy Hair Clayified ]

Mesh by @darkosims3. Thank you! :)


    • Also my special thanks to all CC creators whose work I’ve used.


IHOP Restaurant

Heres another build for you, with some new ihop themed meshes and recolours. Note this is my first attempt at making meshes so there is some transparency issues but overall I don’t think they look too bad. The download includes all the other cc used in the build. I hope you enjoy. Any problems send me a message. 

  • Lot type: Restaurant
  • Lot size: 30*20
  • Lot price: $78,454
  • Built in Willow Creek
  • Download lot: SFS
  • Download Ihop cc: SFS

**bb.moveobjects cheat on when placing the lot

Meshes needed:



Click picture to enlarge

Available as an early release on @sims4nexus  patreon page

More info here

So cute! Thank you so much!!